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Prerequisites (academic)

Fall 2013 Prerequisites Courses

There are seven core prerequisite courses required for admission to the Program in Occupational Therapy. The seven courses considered "core" to occupational therapy and are marked with an asterisk (*). Six of the seven courses marked with an asterisk must be completed at the time of application. There is one non-core prerequisite, Medical Terminology which may be taken for college credit or online. All prerequisite courses must be completed no later than the end of summer session of the year of admission.

Prerequisite coursework must be completed with a GPA of at least 3.0 and no single grade lower than a C. Courses must be taken A-F with the exception of Medical Terminology which requires only evidence of completion. Prerequisite courses must be fulfilled with a minimum number of credits. Minimum credit requirements are listed next to each course name below. Quarter credits are acceptable and can be converted by dividing the number of quarter credits by 1.5. For example, a 4 credit course taken under a quarter system (4 ÷ 1.5 = 2.67 semester credits) will be accepted as 3 semester credits).

Human Anatomy (3 cr.) *
Human Physiology (3 cr.) *
Statistics (3 cr.) * --This course must include descriptive and inferential statistics.
Introduction to Sociology or Cultural Anthropology (3 cr.) * -- This course should include content related to human societies and behaviors, social theory and theories of social change, methods of study in sociology, characteristics of social units and the impact of cultural diversity.
General Psychology (3 cr.) *
Abnormal Psychology (3 cr.)*
Human Development across the Life Span (3 cr.)* -- You will be required to verify that the course(s) you took covered content from children through older adults. You may need to take a series of courses to complete this prerequisite.
Medical Terminology (1 cr.) or the equivalent of a 1 credit online Medical Terminology course


Prerequisite Planning & Pre-Program Advising
Applicants who have remaining prerequisite courses to fulfill should carefully plan the timeline of completion. The Prerequisite Planning Sheets to the right offer detailed information on the courses available at the U of M and area colleges and universities. If we do not list your school(s), or the Prerequisite Planning Sheet for your school(s) does not list the courses you have taken, please send course description(s) for each course you have taken that you believe fulfills a prerequisite requirement. Include an email outlining the course(s) for which you are submitting descriptions and the prerequisite they complete.

Many other pre-program questions can be answered by visiting our Frequently Asked Questions page. However, if applicants still need other pre-program advising, U of M students should contact his or her undergraduate advising office or advisor, and non-U of M applicants can seek assistance from CAHP Student Services by emailing

First Step information sessions are the recommended “first step” for anyone just beginning their academic careers, for students who are working on their prerequisites for application, and those planning a career change.   Click here for information about our First Step Sessions.